Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't Make Me Bake:How to Make Baked Alaska in 4 Short Days

As I mentioned before, Mike is currently redeeming his "Dessert of the Month" gift from Christmas 2009.  He has a sweet tooth that I can't help but admire and his Holy Grail of desserts is Baked Alaska.

Mike had Baked Alaska (fire and all!) on our honeymoon.  Several times.   We kept returning to the same restaurant so he could have this one dessert.  Whenever he gets the chance now, he orders it.  (I don't share his sentiment on this one, but that's ok...we complement one another!)

I promised him that I would make it for his birthday; it was one month late, but I delivered!

Luckily for me, Food Network Magazine featured an easy Baked Alaska recipe on their cover last year.  You can find the recipe here...and it really was so simple that even I could do it successfully!

I won't pretend that I can improve upon this recipe, because I can't.  It is simple and delicious.  I won't even tell you how much of it Mike ate all by himself...but let's just say, it was a lot!

Here are my tips for a successful Baked Alaska:

1. Start with quality ingredients.  There really isn't any baking or making involved here; just assembly.  If you assemble ingredients that are of a good quality, then your Baked Alaska will also be good quality. 

2.  Read the entire recipe from start to finish - there are several steps that require you to freeeze, re-freeze, etc.  When I tried to fit this process into my regular schedule, it took me four days.  It will not take you this long, I promise. 

3.  Taste as you go.  Andrew helped me in the beginning by rinsing the ice cream scoops between flavors.  He was in charge of quality control, so I let him taste the ice cream and Oreos.  It was 9:30am when we made that layer but we both thought the chocolate was a lot of fun!

4.   Invert the dessert onto a baking sheet.  I put it on a pretty glass serving plate.  Sounds nice, right?  Unfortunately, the plate wasn't sturdy enough to go from the freezer to the 500 degree oven (which I realized before putting it in the oven, thank God!).  As a result, we didn't get the pretty singed peaks on the meringue.  Maybe next time. 

5. Feel fancy.  People will think you are a big deal if you make this and share it.  You and I know the secret to its simplicity, but it is certainly a dessert that dresses to impress!

(Tilt your head...I can't figure out why it isn't horizontal. Sorry!)

Stay tuned for the rest of our dessert adventures this year...Mike's dessert for September is Blondies.

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