Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Resolution List

Did you know that 97% of New Year’s Resolutions are never fulfilled? Make this your year to achieve those changes and let Dinner On The Go help you succeed!
Listed below are some of the most common resolutions and ideas about how we can help you to succeed…
1.     Learn something new
Learn how to cook!  Whether you need to know some basics for weeknight dinners or you want to fancy it up a bit with some party food, cooking classes are available for individuals and small groups.

2.     Lose weight/get fit
Ahhh…we’ve all said this one before!  What will make this year different?  Let us help you plan healthy menus, eat more fruit & veggies, and watch portion control.  Additionally, you will have more time for exercise because you will spend less time planning menus, grocery shopping, and cooking.

3.     Spend more time with family & friends
Reduce the stress of entertaining at home and spend more time with your guests!  Simply hire us for your next party or family gathering. If you want to provide a unique experience for your guests, ask about our demonstration dinner party or tapas style party. 

Keep the kids at home: host an elegant pre-prom dinner at your home, invite the little ones to a cookie-decorating birthday party, or invite us to help throw a slumber party.

4.     Manage stress
Work, family, friends, time, finances, school, planning, exercise, errands…there are plenty of sources of stress all around us.  We can help to relieve your stress and add time your schedule by taking care of your grocery shopping, menu planning and cooking.

5.     Make good money decisions
Do you have browning vegetables or graying meat in your refrigerator because you didn’t have time to cook it?  Stop throwing away money on wasted food and set a monthly food budget that includes our homemade meals.

An average family of four spends approximately $1,000 each month to eat at home (Source: USDA).  Get control of your budget with our family-style meal package!

6.     Go green
Americans waste more than 40% of the food we produce for consumption. (Source:  Skip the drive-thru food wrappers, the convenience-food packaging, and the wasted ingredients.

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