Monday, December 13, 2010

Where oh where has my little blog gone?

I'm excited to have a blog and to be writing about the things I love....but why have I been avoiding it for months?  Plain and simple, there are a lot of things vying for my attention and something had to give.

So, what has been gathered in MY kitchen recently?
- In October, there were dinosaurs in my kitchen.  Lots and lots of dinosaurs.  My little guy turned 3 and I promised him a spectacular dinosaur birthday party.  In his eyes, I delivered on that promise.  Actually, he is still talking about the party and even asked if he could have a dinosaur Christmas party.  I love that kid!
- In November, it was all about catering parties, reconnecting with some great customers, and preparing for Thanksgiving.
- Now it is nearly Christmas.  Gathered in my kitchen tonight is gift wrap, a gingerbread house kit, and little snowman ornaments.  And pink bunnies.  The pink bunnies are for January when my baby girl will celebrate her first birthday.  We have many good days ahead of us.

So please forgive me for not posting regularly and know that this blog is definitely on my resolution list for 2011!

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