Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tina's Tuna Surprise

Today I am remembering my friend Kristina and everything that she brought to my life during the short time she was in it.  Since this is generally a food blog, I want to share a distinct (and unforgettable!) culinary memory that I have of Kristina.

We were in our senior year of college and studying for finals.  It was one of those times that the four of us roommates actually got down to the business of school adn focused on our upcoming exams.  Kristina was...maybe, less focused on exams.  That was just her way.  However, she was a fiercely loyal friend and supported us by making a tuna casserole so we would have plenty of food to eat with minimal effort. 

One roommate claimed that she couldn't/wouldn't eat seafood, so she was spared.  Another roommate hid in the library for a week, so she was mostly spared as well.  I tried to be appreciative and supportive of that tuna casserole.  Oh boy.

Sitting here nearly 11 years later, I can't remember all of the ingredients, but I am sure it included canned tuna, green beans, and Kraft American cheese slices.  Draw your own conclusions.

I loved her dearly and miss her daily.  The thought of this tuna cassserole and its litany of mismatched ingredients makes me smile quite often. 

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