Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Starting Line

Welcome! I decided it was time to jump on the food blog bandwagon; I hope you enjoy the ride! This will be a way to share some tips, recipes, and stories from my life in the kitchen as a mom and personal chef. I’m not an expert and will never claim to be one, but I love to share the bits I do know.

In the coming months, you will see the beginning of several series including:

• A Big Bowl of…
• Like A Big Pizza Pie
• Life on the Go
• Ingredient Spotlight
• Don’t Make Me Bake!
• Try It, You’ll Like It (Big Flavors for Little Palates)

If you find that you like to read my ideas more than you like to implement them, no worries…you can always hire me to cook for you!

Thanks for visiting – please come back soon!

Originally published 5/17/10

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